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What in the world is wrong with my pool?

Excessive algae problems may be caused by your yard! Lawn and garden fertilization, especially when applied in a liquid form, is the number one cause of excessive nitrate levels in swimming pools. When added to the water by wind or surface run-off, these nutrients feed algae and accelerate its growth.

Cloudy water can usually be traced to pool filtration. The number one culprit is filter sand which is more than two years old. Although it may seem that a dirty sand filter would trap more debris, the sand tends to pack or cake to form channels through which the water can pass without being filtered.

Bottom drains have a purpose. They help circulate water from the bottom of the pool and should always be used during normal circulation.

Water is as old as the earth and has been purified and decontaminated naturally for as many years. Before you determine that water cannot be "old" or "go bad," consider that your pool water is not allowed to follow the natural course of percolation, evaporation, aeration, and you certainly don’t let naturally decontaminating organisms grow in you pool. Remember it is the water that is evaporated from your pool that is naturally cleansed; the contaminates concentrate in the water left behind.

Water is not blue, neither is the sea water of the Caribbean. Like a rainbow, the color you experience is based on light reflection. Minerals in the water and the water balance are all important in assuring the pleasing blue color you desire.

Dark splotches on vinyl liners in colors of black, gray, purple or brown are caused by a fungus growing on the underside of the liner. Regular chlorine addition tends to bleach these stains, but does nothing to kill the fungus. The fungus is introduced when river sand is used to level the pool bottom during construction or through ground water. Areas which have recently experienced flooding or abnormally wet seasons are most prone to fungal growth.

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